Adult nursing

ok so .. include things about me being an ambitious individual who has admired and has been captivated by the role of a nurse. i grew up in a country that relied on the younger generations to look after their old family members so let that demonstrate how I’ve always been caring individuals. my reason for wanting to be a nurse is to gain skills, more experience and acquire vast knowledge that will help me treat and heal patients so they can return to living their lives independently. I studied an Access to higher education course with mature students and given their age,experience and perspective to current society meaning our opinions differed but i was still able to work well with them. my access course was in a different city and had to travel by bus and train that demonstrated dedication, commitment ,courage and
punctuality as i managed to finish and pass the course with good attendance. I’m currently studying a foundation degree to health and social care and i study anatomy and physiology,study skills, and work based learning which to my placement in a mental health inpatient ward. communication ,observing,documenting and handing over information to the nurse in charge is part of my role. i work with a multidisciplinary team there. I’m also currently employed in a private sector as a support worker for adults with learning difficulties and my duties involves personal care,assisting with meals,promoting independence and dignity,taking them to hospital appointments… can you link the information I’ve provided with the 6c’s of nursing. i think thats it for now

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