The Birth of First Child

The Birth of First Child

It is now four years since the birth of my first son. According to my experience and evidence from other people, giving a birth is one of the greatest moments in life a woman gets in her life. Before the birth of my son, I would describe my actions as immature simply because I was young and pretty girl who would only think of partying and nothing else. Most of the time was spent on shopping or visiting may friends. No single weekend night would ever find me in the house. This was the time when we went out for parties with my friends. We could do all sort of things a young teen would ever dream of doing. Night clubs were the place we would spend our weekends and take all sort of drinks to the capacity.My life changed when one day I woke up and felt as if I was sick. I called my mother and informed her that I was not feeling like going for work. We sat on my bed and explained to her what I was feeling. Are you pregnant? That is the first question she asked me after telling mum I was feeling and it made me broke into tears instead of answering her.

She went and prepared breakfast and after our breakfast she accompanied me to the hospital. At the checkup room, we found three nurses who were busy entering their record. One of the nurses came and examined me, and this is what she said you are going to have a child.’ These words changed my life entirely. I was three months pregnant meaning that I was to be a mother of kid who would be dependant to me.The nurse advised me to visit the care center for parental training and preparation of getting a child. My mother was supportive through my pregnancy period and would teach me ways of becoming a dependable parent. Life was not the same simply because all parties that used to go were no longer in my daily schedule. In the first place, I felt as if the situation was a dream that one day I would wake up and find things changed. I later learnt to accept the situation, and after nine months I went to the hospital and was blessed with a baby boy by the name Maxwell.

The birth of baby Maxwell made me realize that life has changed and was supposed to behave like a mother and not a girl anymore.Since the birth of my son, most people comment that I have matured faster than they expected. This was driven no longer I was a girl and had a life that was totally depending on me. Although to some point my mother assists me, Maxwell entirely depends on me and that gives me the reason to work hard. Although working and taking care of my son at times becomes difficult, I always try my best. I understand why mum always told me to be responsible with whatever I do with my life. I love Maxwell so much and am working hard to see him grow having all that he may want in life.


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