Challenges for organizations, in changing environments

Challenges for organizations, in changing environments

In the current decade, organizations are witnessing drastic changes in technology, political and legal environments, social factors, and globalization (McManus, 2006). Political issues include trade agreements, barriers, and politically motivated events such as terrorism. Technological advancements are rapid and dynamic meaning organizations must respond to adopt costly technologies fast. Social diversity issues such as variations in preferences also affect organizations because they must respond to different taste preferences (Prasad, 2009). Transformational leadership recognizes and provides responses to the non-stable and challenging environment, in which change influences all aspects of the organization.

Some of the characteristics of the old organization paradigm include the struggle to attain stability, motives were strictly economic, top-down decisions, focus on short term solutions, and centralized operations (Warner, Paine, & Dale, 2009). In the modern systems or the new paradigm, organizations use decentralized systems, appropriate technology, incorporates social responsibility in its operations, objectives are qualitative and quantitative, and the sense of constant change. Unsuccessful efforts for change can be due to a lack the sense of urgency in response, absence of concise vision, ineffective strategies for communication, failure to identify and recognize short-term gains, and failure to handle the obstacles to change. The costs of the shortcomings create a failure in implementation of new initiatives or strategies. Therefore, role models should spearhead the implementation of overwhelming change strategies. The must show commitment and resilience, and create strategic plans that can successfully transform the organization.  Organizational transformation is ineffective if not inspired by strong leaders. It requires strong leaders with a strong commitment that can motivate all stakeholders to embrace and adopt the initiatives for change.

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