Comparative Criminal Justice Systems

Comparative Criminal Justice Systems

The rate of global crimes has increased considerably.  There are different types of global crimes that affect countries around the world in different ways.  Organized crimes have become a significant problem in US and other nations because of globalization. Organized criminal groups have spread to different parts of the world creating a threat to global security. Criminal groups have linked themselves with international networks so as to engage in illegal activities. Organized criminal groups use complex strategies and different methods to carry out criminal activities. As a result, the criminal groups have infiltrated the financial, political and economic systems of different nations around the world.  The internationalization of organized crimes is shown by the rapid expansion of illegal markets.

Illegal markets in US and other nations have expanded considerably. The illegal markets deal with drug trafficking, trafficking of arms, human beings and money laundering.  The growth in illegal markets has led to increase in various kinds of crimes in society such as drug trafficking, trafficking of human beings, money laundering and trafficking of fire arm.  The rate of drug trafficking in United States and Mexico is still high due to the expansion and globalization of drug trafficking.  The United States has developed laws to prevent drug trafficking, but the laws have proved ineffective due to the increase in drug trafficking crimes.  This has affected economic growth in many countries as countries loss a lot of money through illegal markets.   Drug trafficking is also common in Africa and other continents due to globalization and formation of international criminal networks. National and international criminal justice systems are working on various organized groups such as Russian mobsters, Japanese Boryokudan, Chinese Tongs and other crime groups from Asia.  The Russian mobsters fled to US after the collapse of the Soviet Union (Berdal, 2002).

Additionally, terrorism has become a significant issue around the world because of its impact.  The advance in technology has led to increase in rate of terrorist attacks and improved how terrorists conduct their criminal activities.  Before the development of technology, terrorists used traditional methods to commit a crime.  However, the growth in internet and computer technology has given terrorists an upper hand as they are able to engage in criminal activities.  Terrorists use the internet and computer technology for a wide range of activities. They use the internet and computer to plan and coordinate terrorist activities in various parts of the world.  Terrorists use technology to monitor the progress of terrorist attacks. Moreover, they use technology to recruit new members to their terrorist groups.  Technology enables terrorists to reach many people globally by eliminating time and geographical boundaries.  Further, terrorists use technology to get money to finance their activities.  Terrorists have used the internet to raise funds due to the anonymity of the internet. Terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda have used technology to carry out their terrorist attacks. This has made it hard for governments to fight terrorism internationally.  Cyber terrorism will continue to be international issues as governments have not managed to curb terrorism.   Terrorism has affected economic, social and political development around the world (Natarajan, 2010).

There are various criminal justice systems in the world.  The criminal justice systems differ from one country to another. The criminal justice systems have similar and different policies.  The United States criminal justice system is different from and similar to other criminal justice systems in the world.  The criminal justices differ in terms of police, courts, legal processes, education and corrections. They also differ in terms of criminal procedures and juvenile justice.  France and United states criminal justice systems differ.  The policing system in US is different from the policing   system used in France.  France has a centralized police system managed by the government while United States has a fragmented policing model.  The policing system in France is linked with the political system as it is imposed on the citizens by the government.  The government administers, supervises and coordinates the police force. This has ensured there are similar laws throughout the country. Alternatively, the government does not manage the police force in US as it has fragmented policing system.   The police force is organized at local, state and national level and reflects the federal system.  The duties of local police are divided between the   counties and municipalities. Cities, towns and communities can have their own police force. However, most depend on the sheriff’s department at the county level for enforcement of the law and policing.  The size of the police depends on the population in areas.  The federal police is divided into various agencies, which perform different roles., That is the FBI, drug enforcement agency, treasury department among others (Albanese & Dammer, 2010).

Additionally, the United States and France differ in terms of   entry system. In US, recruits begin as a patrolman before they move to a higher rank. Law enforcement officers do not require having a degree so as to move to a higher rank. France has a four tiered system of entry that concentrates on graduates.  In France, law enforcement officers should become a patrol officer and have a degree and training.  The law enforcement officers can move higher to a plainclothes officer equivalent to a lieutenant and chief of police. The multiple entry system in France has enabled the criminal justice system to recruit talented graduates as law enforcement officers.    France and WE have different court systems.   In France, the court system is under the minister of justice. The courts have been divided into various levels and types based on issues being addressed.  US has a dual court system which operates independently. The federal system consists of district courts, circuit courts of appeal and Supreme Court (Albanese & Dammer, 2010).

Also, Britain has a different criminal justice system from US and France.  The criminal justice system in Britain has various agencies that work together to administer justice. That is the police, crown prosecution services, corrections, courts and prohibition.  The main agencies include the crown prosecution, crown, courts, youth justice board and national offender management services. The national offender management service consists of probation and prisons.  The US, Britain and France criminal justice systems have different policies and d procedures that govern prevention of global crimes and criminal issues.  Though the criminal justice systems differ, they face similar problems when it comes to prevention of global crimes and criminal issues.  The criminal justice system finds it difficult to prevent global crimes due to their complexities.  This has led to increase in rate of global crimes. The structure of criminal justice system affects prevention of crime and enforcement of laws. The fragmented criminal justice system and the centralized criminal justice system affect prevention of crime as they have limitations. Prevention of crime in the United States might be easy due to the fragmented criminal justice system where state, local and federal government implemented various laws to fight crime. In Britain and France, the criminal justice agencies work together to prevent crimes (Albanese & Dammer, 2010).


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