Ebola Outbreak Sierra Leone

Please remember that the presentation should include information about why you chose this topic and the reason it is important for us, as nurses, to understand at this time. It should also include some background information relating to the problem, policy issues surrounding the problem, current resources, nursing implications, and what can be done to positively impact outcomes within the country (region) or for the global medical community. It is important that the problem is viewed through a lens that does consider the issue through some of the social determinants of health and the community context within the region/country that is the focus of your presentation. It will also address any policy or political concerns and possible opportunities for activism. This is a professional presentation. Students should use multi-media and be informative, creative and interesting.
� Brief intro as to why interested in this issue. Comprehensive and clear statement of problem internationally and why it is a problem. Please include info about Millennium Development Goals from WHO
� Clearly identify location and population focus and issues. Through but brief articulation of problem that provides enough information to capture importance of issue. Articulates understanding of complexity of issue and educates peers to this
� Articulates impact of the problem on the local, national, international community. Includes information on policy and law influences (or lack
� Provides this information in a comprehensive and well organized manner
� Provides specific information and examples on how this issue can be related to the nursing and medical communities.
� Provides comprehensive information about the groups, agencies and/or programs that are involved internationally with addressing this issue, selecting and highlighting some of the most important
� Provides information about successful interventions, how they are supported and likely viability. Also includes needed initiatives to support and /or continue the work.
� Identifies ways that �individuals, groups, professionals, countries can participate in supporting positive changes. Provides sample letter/response

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