Environment Laws vs. Economic Freedom

Environment Laws vs. Economic Freedom

In the current global world with different corporations, economic freedom in respect to environment no longer exists. Corporations have garnered the advantage of operating within unregulated environment. The situation has polluted the environment poisoning the entire place even in the lives of people. Time has come for environment law enforcing agents to intervene the situation and develop standards and measure that will help prevent and conserve the environment. Regulators have to develop policies that explain what is right and what is not accepted for business operations to protect pollution of the environment, (Norton, 2011).

The unregulated condition of the environment will cause more harm than good in the society something that will affect the planet in different angles. The relation between economic freedom and environmental laws is technical and difficult. This requires development of strategies to develop regulation on operations of corporations. Evidence shows that, without proper regulation, the current environment are heading to a difficult statecto recover its beauty. I believe that change management is required in order to develop standards that will govern corporations operations. This will create situations that regulate how business firms operate towards harmful situations, (Boyd, 2011).

Without environmental laws, corporations will fail to sustain the natural and cultural environmental aspects. The economic freedom that business firms have pose a serious climatic condition. Environment restrictions should help individuals create an environment that is perfect due to many reasons. Companies have a high level of competition that exist in their operations hence with economic freedom they will have the opportunity to develop competition. Competition under free economic that lacks set environment restriction standards, (Norton, 2011), (Norton, 2011).


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