Ethical dilemma in nursing research

Select one issue that reflects an ethical dilemma in nursing research (i prefer to write about patients confidentiality) . Provide a brief one page outline describing the issue and submit to the professor before starting the paper.
b. In the paper, begin with an introduction that clearly states the issue to be addressed in some detail. Provide an explication of your position.
c. Clarify terms as you progress through the paper and use an appropriate theoretical model from the ethics literature in which you support your position.
d. Investigate the positions reflected in the ethics literature with particular attention to balance regarding your issue.
e. Identify the major counterarguments to your own position and explain why these have or have not been persuasive in your changing your original position to this issue.
f. End the paper with a clear summary that includes a brief reiteration of the issue and the arguments you have made.
g. Use APA throughout the ten page paper. References should be adequate to the task in number and quality and should include your textbooks when relevant. The usual
number of references is typically 12 to 15. There should be a good balance of seminal
articles and contemporary resources. Please note that dictionaries and Wikipedia are unacceptable sources for definitions in your papers in this course. Use ethics texts or other ethics literature resources for definitions and to guide your discussion.

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