Evidence based nursing: Self-Monitoring in the fight of diabetes type 2

Introduction There are numerous calls from all concerned parties to enhance the provision of evidence-based practice by the nursing staff in relation to dealing with diabetes care among patients. Problem Statement: There are numerous mechanisms that have been suggested to be applied in the fight against diabetes type two. The most basic mechanism has been to investigate how blood glucose self-monitoring can help in glycerin control thus fighting diabetes. The paper is concentrating on using evidence-based practice involving self-monitoring aimed at reducing glycerin to facilitate the cure of diabetes. Essentially, the paper shall be looking at the effectiveness of the self-monitoring process in the fight against diabetes. Method: The paper shall rely on qualitative techniques where it shall obtain information from a total of ten articles written by various researchers in the same field. These articles will be those that are widely accepted due to their depth, credibility, and ethical considerations.Literature review:

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