Gay Rights

Gay Rights

The Constitution gives man freedom for peace, and access of opportunities. This means that any person has the right to choose what is good for him at any angle. Prohibiting gay marriage is going against the constitution simply because everybody has the right to choose whom to love. Same sex has been a major debate for decades in United States. Individuals should have the freedom to have their choice of partners in order to enjoy their life.


Frank said, “Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage. You can’t have one without the other.” I think Frank was right because when two people claim to love each other and openly express their feeling accordingly, they should have the freedom. A love shared whether same sex or not should be respected and allowed. Legalizing gay marriage is a subject that has developed different debates over the past few years. Society has developed different values that prohibit gay marriage, but this should not be the case. People of the same sex who feel they want to get married should get the freedom to exercise their freedom simply because it is their choice to stay and leave happily. The civil and legal rights of an individual should be respected when discussion who should love who and who should marry who.


Gay people should have same and equal rights with couples of heterosexual. Evidence suggests that marriage is a basic right that allows an individual to have his or her life partner. This means that no one has the power to decide marriage for another person. Society should not oppose the choice of an individual simply because whoever gets married or marry knows why he or she does that. Although the society may argue from ethics point of view, it should also consider individuals taste and preference. In terms of the opposite sex, people are given the freedom to select their partners.

The same should be given to gay or same sex partners because it is a love aspect that requires freedom of choice. Irrespective of individual’s personal opinion, gay marriage should get same credits with the opposite sex marriage. The main idea with marriage is to give companion, love, support, and motivation among others. Marriage does not necessary mean procreation which people use to fight gay marriage, (Denver, 2011).

If two people have love and claim to love each other, they should have the freedom to exercise their love. Although procreation is part of marriage, this concept should not be used to prevent same sex marriage. The idea behind marriage is a happy life between two partners who have developed a love for each other. In respect to that, if two people think they qualify to have a happy life should be allowed to get married. Discrimination is one of the key things that the constitution forbids. Denying same sex marriage is a way of making the group looks inferior and at the same time develops some form of discrimination. Society should change its perception towards gay marriage. Gay couples have the right to enjoy their rights and embrace their mutual obligation similar to a couple from the opposite sex, (Snyder, 411).

Gay couples have the right to exercise their love in the way their want. Evidence suggests that gay people does not affect or interfere with the tradition mode of marriage. If they have such great respect to the tradition marriage, so do other people should do and leave the situation to the concerned parties. Civil marriage rights should be extended to individuals of the same sex in order to allow equal freedom of choice has been exercised in the appropriate manner. The largest percentage of the Americans does not support the acts of homosexual.

For those who support gay marriage, they argue that each and every person has the fundamental rights to get civil marriage protection irrespective of gender and ethnicity. In matters that pertains other issues, all people get similar treatment. If the gay couple has the capacity to take their obligations and responsibilities in accordance, no one should prevent two people of the same sex getting married. Marriage is an institution and should not get any influence from outside people is one not a member of those getting marriage, (Denver, 2011).

Research suggests that marriage is the largest and vital social institution that humans should practice. Bearing that in mind individuals who want to live together should get right and freedom to love. If couples of the same sex feel that they have the potential to love and stay together, they should be given such a chance. Traditional perception of marriage is that people should get married between two opposite sex. The main idea should be love. If two people (any two) feels love and want to stay together, society should support and assist them get their dreams true. Gay people should have rights same with a couple from the opposite sex simply because it’s their choice to have their marriage in the way they want. Evidence shows that marriage is an individual’s decision and should be respected at all times, (Snyder, 212).

Religion is part of the society and helps people develops guidelines and rules that help society has a healthy environment. Most religions develop rules that go against gay marriage. Since gay marriage is exercised by people who have developed a love towards each other, religion should not prevent such actions. No single religion has the authority to dictate on matters of marriage. Gay marriage has been there for long because Holy Books touches on the issue of the same sex marriage. People should not develop personal opinion when talking of gay marriage issues. Gay couples who have decided to stay together should be allowed to have same benefits like a couple of the opposite sex. Every person has and is entitled to freedom of choice meaning that an individual may choose whoever suits to be his or her partner, (Denver, 2011).

Marriage benefits should be given to all couple who enter into the marriage institution. In most cases, gay couples have no access to certain rights and benefits. The Law should undergo some reformations in order to accommodate individuals who go for gay marriage. This helps the society has a common environment where people have the freedom to decide who to be their life partners. When gay marriage is legalized evidence suggests that no single person gets affected apart from those who have personal feelings and emotions.

According to the concept of love, there exists one person who loves another and should get the freedom to exercise their love in any way. Statistics shows that heterosexual marriages encounter challenges and difficulties such as divorce. A society built on gay marriage does not experience high divorce rate compared to the other. Gay marriage should be legalized and accepted because it helps reduce the rate at which couples divorce when their marriage encounters challenges, (Snyder, 352).

Religion explains the concept of marriage as the aspect of providing companion and develops procreation. We have heterosexual couples who have no potential to get children so they seek adoption from outside. Adoption of children by gay couples has been a major problem. Some couples who practice gay marriage stay for long before agencies allows them adoption or even they are denied. Gay couples should have equal rights with other people in order to enjoy their marriage happiness. According to, “The religious or legal occasion that formalizes the idea of two people to live as a married couple, include the accompanying social festivities.” If this is the case, gay couples should have the freedom to enjoy their choice of marriage and have rights to access benefits and opportunities like couples from other groups in the society, (Denver, 2011).


According to Frank, “Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage. You can’t have one without the other.” Since gay marriage does not affect anyone, couples should have the freedom to exercise their love in whatever direction they want. Everyone has the right to get love or exercise love to the partner of choice. Love is a personal feeling thus an individual should be given the freedom to love anyone who gives love back.

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