Grasgreen, Allie. Last hope

Grasgreen, Allie. Last hope

This article highlights the difficulties that black students encounter while seeking scholarships in the Southern states. According to the author, this is a problem of segregation within the education system in the southern states. Although race plays a significant role in the attainment of scholarships, it is also vital for the students to be more passionate about studies. Through hard work, they will attain the GPA aggregate required for state scholarship programs. The author also highlights that male African American students have what it takes to attain exceptional GPA grades.

Consequently, they have no excuse for not securing scholarships. However, critics of the merit-based scholarship program argue that it favors students from well-off backgrounds. This is because such students have higher chances of excelling in comparison to students from low-income families. As much as the standard for issuing the HOPE scholarship is similar for all students, it appears discriminatory to students from poor backgrounds. This mostly applies to African Americans who are at a financial disadvantage in comparison to other races.The article also highlights that scholarships do not necessarily guarantee academic success. Even after securing the HOPE scholarship, some students end up performing poorly at the university level. The article also highlights the disparities in the standards of living between the north and south as an aspect that determines academic performance. In essence, northerners have better educational resources in comparison with the southerners (Grasgreen, 2012).

Tilsley, Alexander. Rallying outside the court

This article highlights the clamor for affirmative action in school admissions. The various respondents in this article express different sentiments concerning affirmative action within the American education system. While some students express their strong support for affirmative action, others do not see the need for it.However, it is evident from the views of most students that diversity is an excellent aspect of consideration within the learning environment. Through diversity, students have the opportunity to interact with other colleagues from different cultures. In essence, such exposure prepares these students for adult life. The American society is highly multicultural. Consequently, it helps to experience such diversity within the learning environment. The article also highlights the controversial circumstances in which a student was denied entry into University of Texas.

As a result of the university’s current policies, most students from poor backgrounds cannot get an opportunity to study there. According to the article, the university should provide adequate opportunities for all students irrespective of their backgrounds. On the other hand, opponents of affirmative action perceive it as a step backward. Seemingly, they perceive it as an obvious advantage of some groups over other people.They are thus against the inclusion of affirmation action in education policies. The involvement of the Supreme Court in the case shows the sensitiveness of affirmative action in education. Without such action, the affluent would continue to enjoy the best learning facilities in the country (Tilsley, 2012).

Jaschik, Scott. Defining desegregation

This article analyzes the legal tussle between the State of Maryland and historically black universities in that state. This legal battle has been dragging for more than six years. The main bone of contention is that historically black colleges in Maryland do not receive the same funding as the predominantly white universities. As a result of the disparities in funding, these colleges do not have the capacity to attract students from all races.During the past, the state granted a predominantly white university the same amount as three predominantly black universities. Such disparities do not help in maintaining a level playing field for all universities. Although the imminent ruling affects Maryland’s education system, other states in USA are monitoring the developments very closely. This mostly applies to predominantly black colleges or universities. If the judge rules in favor of the universities, this will potentially spark a frenzy of law suits across the nation. The colleges are demanding extra funding from Maryland’s state coffers. Through additional funds and resources, the universities can easily attract students from all cultural diversities (Jaschik, 2012).

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Grasgreen, Allie. Last hope

This article presents different perspectives as pertains to the access of scholarship programs by black students. There are several notable weaknesses as well as strengths. Firstly, the article does not have any form of bias towards either side. It assesses the shortcomings as well as gains of being non-discriminatory towards some students. In terms of weaknesses, the article does not provide sufficient evidence to back the different assertions made by the author.

Tilsley, Alexander. Rallying outside the court

The author documents the campaign for affirmative action in education. As with the first article, this article also has some merits as well as some shortcomings. In terms of strengths, the article provides reliable data with regard to the various assertions made by the author. On the other hand, the author appears biased towards affirmative action.

Jaschik, Scott. Defining desegregation

In his article, the author identifies the legal tussle between historically black colleges in Maryland and the predominantly white universities. As a result of the disparities in funding, these colleges do not have the capacity to attract students from all races. The entire framework of analysis in this article is well maintains the relevant scholarly standards.


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