Hallmark Writers on Tour

Hallmark Writers on Tour

 Hallmark writers have been of help to the society in the past future. Evidence shows that most people had been using greeting cards to communicate to their loved one for so many years. Until recent, the company has been selling greeting cards to people and had developed more than 50% of the market share. Competition and lifestyle have affected the world of greeting cards making its sales reduce significantly.

Having realized that sales had reduced and that competition was affecting the company’s operations, the management thought of developing an advertising campaign that would have enabled the company promote its sales. With the help of Lydia Steinberg who is Hallmark’s national campaigns manager, the company addressed the strategy of advertising and how it would be handled. The main idea was to develop and grow strategies of modifying greeting cards and getting clear information that would boost sales, (Swann, 2010).

The program was to take writers on the road where they would interact with customers. They would share different things with customers and through media relations, solicit consumer memories on the importance of greeting cards. It was with the help of Fleishman Hillard organization Hallmark company develop a tour program that enabled writers interact with consumers and share importance of greeting cards in the society.

In order to make the idea effective, company’s management team, writers, consumers, and Fleishman Hillard were involved. The time period affected the principals simply because it was during competition and developing a tour in order to solicit consumer memories challenging, (Swann, 2010).

Public relation is an essential aspect when developing a strategy that focus on public communication. Public relation was highly influential in the above case. The PR is needed in this case in order to create a productive workplace culture.  In creating a productive workplace culture, PR would help develop effective employee communication programs. It is through educating employees on the effective communication they will manage to develop ways on how to solicit memories of consumers on purchase of greeting cards.

With the help of PR, customers were required to share their stories on Cards and how they were benefited. Different stories were developed with powerful meaning towards consumers. Those stories were directed to the general public and media assisted in retelling the stories, (Swann, 2010).

Some of the common PR that an organization may apply includes relationship building, site seeding, ORM, social networking, and press release among others. Tactics on the other hand, include face to face meetings, teleconferencing; publish of speech, letters to target people, and exhibits among others. In the above case, relationship building enabled the company realize its goals of increasing sales.

Writers on tour managed to interact with consumers and gave them relevant information on the importance of greeting cards. To effectively develop a workable culture, the ideal thing to do is to effectively develop training programs for employees in order to educate them on how to relate to consumers, (Swann, 2010).

Evidence suggests that Hallmark Company have increased its market share. Feedback from consumers indicates that irrespective of current competition, the company sales enough to realize its profits. CEOs end of year message have also indicated that the company has grown and expanded it production, (Swann, 2010).


Swann, P. (2010). Cases in Public Relations Management: Taylor & Francis

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