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Topic: Health care matters
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Details:Unit 8 Assignment Review pages 109–110 of Essentials of Health
Policy and Law as well as the following legislation: Examination and
Treatment for Emergency Medical Conditions and Women in Labor You are a
consultant specializing in policy analysis. Based on the Examination and
Treatment for Emergency Medical Conditions and Women in Labor
legislation, as well as the situation that follows, you will complete a
policy analysis with 3–5 options for your client, Congresswoman Moody,
to consider. Congresswoman Moody represents a state that borders Mexico.
She is up for re election next year, and she will seek another term in
office. There are many undocumented workers that reside in her district.
Congresswoman Moody is vocal about the need to provide health care to
all that need it, but she also believes in fiscal restraint and does not
support bail-outs for private facilities. She is well aware that her
state’s Medicaid budget is almost exhausted for this year, and the
state’s unemployment rate remains stubbornly high. Apart from the
voters, other affected constituents include three private regional
medical centers trauma units that receive referrals from five or more
small facilities that have emergency departments with lesser trauma
status. Also, the largest health care corporation that owns two of the
three medical centers in her catchment area, and which supported her in
her last bid for election with campaign funds at the allowable limit, is
threatening to refuse Medicare and Medicaid patients to ensure survival
in the bad economy. An increase in unfunded mandates for urgent care may
push this corporation into private payer only, and Congresswoman Moody
is aware that there are enough affluent families in the area to support
two facilities providing only designer medicine and concierge services.
All options must: •Be within the power of Congresswoman Moody to do •Be
consistent with Congresswoman Moody’s values, and •Address the issue
identified in the problem statement You will: 1.Identify 3–5 options for
Congresswoman Moody’s consideration 2.Identify criteria that will be
used to evaluate the options 3.Identify pros and cons for each option
4.Use a side-by-side table (MS® Excel® would be appropriate for this) to
assist in analyzing the options.

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