Interviews with nursing leaders

class=”post-title single”>Interviews with nursing leaders

There are 3 interviews with nursing leaders.
describe their style of leadership and Compare them.
Leadership Theories are explained in chapter 4 in textbook(CONTEMPORARY THEORIES)
1. How would you describe their style of leadership and link to literature? 1 mark each, total 3 marks
2. Describe their example of a change process, political, failure or difficult situation and link to the literature. 2 marks each, total 6 marks
3. What could the leaders have done differently? 1 mark each, total 3 marks

Second part is about personal experience. I included word file with my experience. But it is too long and should be paraphrased and shortened. After describing of personal experience, it should be analysed applying theory of change (chapter 5 in textbook)
4. Explain how you have dealt with a change situation, political situation failure or difficult situation and apply related theory. 5 marks
5. Use references, and APA format, grammar, sentence structure 3 marks (must use 2 course references, 1 the textbook, and 1 other, plus 2 external sources

In total – 4 references: textbook, CNA position statement, and 2 scholarly articles

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