JOB ANALYSIS: Medical Technologist

JOB ANALYSIS: Medical Technologist

$11.      What are the duties and job responsibilities associated with the position held by the individual you interviewed?

A medical technologist is responsible for the execution of the scientific and technical function within a medical laboratory. One of the duties of medical technologist is to collect lab samples. These samples include; urine, blood, stool and other body fluids. Another responsibility of a medical technologist to conduct analysis on the samples presented in the laboratory. The purpose of the analysis is to diagnose the patient’s problem. Another duty of the medical technologist is to document results of the laboratory test. The medical technologist is also responsible for maintaining inventory for laboratory supplies and equipments. They are also responsible for the storage of medical sample.

$12.      What are the types of knowledge, skills, and abilities that are needed to successfully accomplish the job responsibilities?

The medical technologist profession requires various skills and abilities. Background knowledge on biological sciences is one the essential requirement for this profession. Medical technologists are responsible for conducting tests and making a medical diagnosis. Thus, the must be conversant with the biological functions. Medical technologist must also posses skills required to operate laboratory equipments. Laboratory tests are run by advanced machines and; therefore, technologists need skill required to operate these equipments. Verbal and written skills are also essential requirements for the medical technologist profession. Medical technologists need to be able to communicate the result of the laboratory analysis, both orally and in written form.

$13.      Does the position require any physical tasks? If so, describe the physical tasks and state their frequency. Is there any additional information about the job that would be beneficial to include in the job description?

Medical technology professional involves some element of physical tasks. Testing laboratory samples is an involving task that requires one to move around the laboratory. The lab technologist may also need to go to the patients to collect specimen and samples. In addition, medical technologist is a sensitive professional since it has direct effect on the health of the patient. Therefore, comprehensiveness and accuracy are key requirements in this profession

JOB Description

The purpose of medical technologist post is to assist in the diagnosis of patients’ problem by conducting analysis on patients’ medical samples.  The core responsibility of the medical technologist is to conduct analysis on samples using laboratory skills. This post may also require a person to collect lab samples from patients. The medical technician is also responsible for making a report in order to convey the outcome of the laboratory test to the physician. Physicians may also require the medical technologist to make recommendations on how the patients’ problem should be addressed. The medical technologists also have the responsibility of managing the storage of medical specimen. In addition, medical technologists are expected to manage the inventory of the laboratory. This include maintain records of laboratory supplies and making orders for new supplies. Occupants of the medical technologist post need to have a bachelors’ degree in medical technology or medical fields. The organization will also consider applicants without bachelors’ degree, but who have four years of experience in the medical technology post. Combination of experience and academic qualification will be added advantage. Applicants for the medical technology post need be registered medical technologist. Thus, the applicant must present a certificate of registry. Applicants need to possess skills in handling medical equipment. Applicants should also have strong written and oral communication skills.

Recruiting Strategies

$11.      What are three recruiting strategies that could be used to recruit for this job position?

$1a.       Ads in newspapers and on the internet

$1b.      College hires

$1c.       Referral

$12.      In 350- to 500-words, compare and contrast the recruiting strategies you have chosen. Which recruiting strategy would you use to recruit for this position? Why?

Posting ads in newspapers and on the internet is one of the common recruitment strategies (Pravin, 2011). This strategy has various advantages. One of the advantages is the ability to attract diverse applicants. Newspaper and internet ads appeal to a large audience. Thus, the firm has an opportunity to attract different peoples thus enhancing diversity. Advertisement is also a competitive recruitment strategy. This is because it gives an opportunity to large a number of people to send applications. The disadvantage of this form of marketing is that it may take a substantial amount of time before the firm can reach the most suitable candidate. This is because this approach exposes the company to large pool of applicant.  College hire entails going to higher learning institutions to identify potential candidates (Pravin, 2011). One of the advantages of this recruitment strategy is that it takes a pipeline approach to hiring.

The firm goes directly to the candidates who have the required skills. This reduces the time and resources that the company consumes in the recruitment process. One of the disadvantages of college hiring is that it may not encourage diversity. This strategy is least competitive since the process is only open to a few individuals. Referral strategy entails asking employee or former employee to recommend potential candidates for the job position (Pravin, 2011). One advantage of this strategy is that it reduces the pool of applicant thus saving time and cost for the organization. The organization also gets an opportunity to hire employees who fit into the organizational culture. The disadvantage of referral strategy is that it not a competitive recruitment strategies. Thus, the organization may not get the most talented candidate.


Pravin D. (2011). Human Resource Management. Pearce Education Publisher

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