ldentify two nursing assessment tools


Based on the case study provided below and drawing on evidence-based literature, analyse the client’s details

to identify and prioritise key health problems, related nursing goals and interventions aimed at achieving safe and quality care forthat
client, including discharge planning.

Your report should include the following:

Introduction (100)

ldentify the case and outline

the purpose and structure ofthe report.

Assessment (100)

ldentify two nursing assessment tools that you would use to develop a

current profile of your client’s health status and explain your choice.

Client’s Health Problems (300)

ldentify THREE (3) health

problems specificto your client and prioritise these problemsto ensure safe and quality care of your client. Justify the prioritisation
you decided.

Goals (150)

Based on the health problem you prioritised as the most urgent, identify2 goals or desired outcomesfor your

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