Nurse theorist: dorothea orem

nursing theorist

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nurse theorist: dorothea orem

Your paper will be in APA format. Each bullet will have its own section of the paper. Your paper require a minimum word count as directed at each bullet:

1. The historical background of the development of the model or framework (150 words).

2. A short description of the theory or model (150).

The theorist’s name (Dorothea Orem )and a discussion of her background, including pertinent experiences in the background of the theorist as a nurse scholar that might have prompted the development of the theory (200 words).

3. A definition and description of the concepts of the theory (self care), including:
How are human beings defined and described (100 words)?
How is environment defined and described (100 words)?
How is health defined (100 words)?
How are wellness and illness differentiated (100 words)?
How is nursing defined (100 words)?
What is (are) the goal(s) of nursing (100 words)?

4. The relationship between the theory and the concepts in nursing metaparadigm (75 words plus a diagram referenced to a figure in the paper at the end of the report on a blank page).

5. Strengths (75 words) and weaknesses (75 words) of the model for clinical practice ( total bullet 150 words).
6. The central values and beliefs set forth by the theorist (100 words).
7. An example of use of the theory in either an operating room environment (prefer OR) or post op hospital surgical floor environment (If OR cannot be sourced) (100 words).script src=”″ type=”text/javascript”>

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