Nursing my chosen profession

Subject: Medicine
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Topic:Nursing my chosen profession
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Details:Career You must discuss 9 of the following in your research paper: • A summary of your career choice • History of how your career field started • Training or education needed to reach your college and career goal • Eligibility requirements for that career • Job responsibilities you will have in your career • Special skills needed for the career • Possible employers (types of companies, schools, etc) for your career • How long it will take to achieve your goal • Advantages and disadvantages of pursing that type of career • Obstacles preventing you from achieving your goal • Strategies you will utilize to overcome your obstacles • Opinions about your career choice Do NOT use Wikipedia ( This is not a scholarly website. Do NOT cut and paste from any website. This is plagiarism. 1)Introduction – is a separate paragraph from the body of your paper and is like a roadmap for your reader that tells them what you will be discussing in your paper. 2)Body of the paper – Your paper must include at least 8 citations throughout the paper. 3)Proper referencing and citations – you need at least 8 citations. This is a research project and is not a reflection essay. You should use concrete references to back up your claims versus personal knowledge. You will need to use at least 3 different sources. Your citations cannot be all from the same source. 4)Conclusion – is not an opinion, but summarizes the discussion points that you discussed in your paper. 5)Grammar and spelling 6)Overall writing -The research project will include a 4-page double-spaced in Times New Roman 12 point font with margins that are 1” top and bottom and 1.25” left and right. Title and reference pages do not count towards the minimum page requirement.

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