Nursing – Oncology

Oncology is the one that interest me the most
Choose a specialty (cardiac, oncology, home care) or a population (pediatrics, geriatrics) which interests you. Review the literature for articles that relate a nursing action or intervention designed to improve care that is measured in patient outcomes. Choose a minimum of of two scholarly articles in your area of interest.

In a 7-9 page paper, describe the following:
◦What was the targeted population and the disease state?
◦Why was this important to study?
◦What was the intervention?
◦How were the outcomes measured? Were tools used for assessment? How were they selected?
◦What was learned?
◦What are some limitations of the studies?
◦If you were to pursue a quality improvement initiative using these studies, what would you do and why?
◦What are the desired outcomes?

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