Organization Development

Organization Development

Evidence shows that the focus of any organization is to get the best employees. Most organization does this by hiring, training, and motivating their employees in the best method. The main idea behind this is to get successful individuals to work and help the company achieve set goals and objectives. Getting the right candidate to work in these departments is a difficult task. This is the sole reason why most Human Resource Departments engage in hiring and training activities every day. Human resource management plays a vital role in career development. Study shows that human resource assists employee develop their talent by training. HRM department helps employees develop their career by organizing training programs. This approach helps employee develop their promotion desire and by so doing they develop their career. By motivating employees, the human resource department helps employees seek development opportunities within the organization, (Levine, 2011).

Different organizations offer different methods of employee development. Job shadowing is one of the approaches used by organization as an employee development method. Job shadowing is the situation where an employee follows an experienced employee in order to see how activities get accomplished. This approach is commonly used by companies that want to expand their operations. This method of employee development is one of the best simply because it helps the new employee get a chance to see how duties are performed. It offers firsthand experience hence preferred by most organizations. Job shadowing is necessary in an organization simply because it creates an environment where experienced employees shares or distributes their skills and knowledge to the new employees. It is a strategy used by most companies when preparing new employees, (Healthfield, 2012).

Job switching and job shadowing are confused in most cases. Although some people use these two words interchangeably, job switching and job shadowing are different. Job switching is an aspect where an employee gets the opportunity to learn and get new skills through an agency. This approach is best in most cases simply because it helps an employee get new skills and knowledge that will help the organization. Different organizations use job switching employee development method simply because it allows the company create a job back up sources. The approach helps employees switch to other jobs by going for learning. This way an individual is able to learn new things. He may even have an opportunity to move to different departments, but within the organization. Job switching and job shadowing serve the same purpose within the organization. They are used to prepare employee for future use or where the company want to do expansion, (Levine, 2011).

Another commonly used employee development method by firms is monitoring method. Human resource department may develop strategies to monitor and observe employee progress in their daily task. The approach helps the manager learn the employee then determine the place the employee requires assistance. Evidence shows that most managers use this employee development approach. It is used in determining the type of training and motivation an employee requires making him or her best in a given department. Monitoring employee development approach is necessary in an organization simply because it helps employee and manager create a healthy working environment. They are able to develop a relationship simply because feedback aspect developed in the process of monitoring. Employees get to know that the manager is concerned with them and cares for their success. An organization that does not show interest in monitoring employees makes them develop negative altitudes about the organization, (Healthfield, 2012).

It is the wish of any company to have adequate and qualified employee at all times. Companies therefore, engage in employee development activities all the time. They develop employee by creating confidence, problem solving, creativity, motivation, and finding solutions to specific problems. The basic idea of company’s engagement in employee development process is to create an environment where employees are qualified, independent, and imaginative at all the time, providing service to the company. Such an environment prepares employees to be creative and enable to perform well hence make the company the best within the same industry. Evidence shows that an organization that engages in employee development activity puts assurance of surviving in the market simply because employees put more effort on accomplishing their duties in the best way possible, (Levine, 2011).The above methods help the employee and the company creates an environment that is best for both parties. These methods act as a strategy for the company to be successful and competitive in the market place. Either the company or the employee should not these methods as a way of encouraging employees.

To encourage on an employee, the company should focus and use employee personalities. Skills, a given job, require counts to employee development in knowledge and skills, but not developing employee’s confidence. In my own view, an organization should praise an individual’s effort for a work done well and not developing comments that are not motivational. The main concept behind confidence development understands employee’s personalities. Different people have different personalities, and that is where an organization should focus when developing an individual’s confidence and courage within the work environment, (Healthfield, 2012).It is the work of an organization to create an environment that offers employees opportunity to get experience and learning. This helps individuals progress, develop their interest, and feel satisfied with the type of work they do in the organization. It is the duty of an organization as well as an employee helps each other create trust in the situation by doing the appropriate thing, (Levine, 2011).

My company provides students with Fellows Program at every first month of the year. The program targets senior year and junior year students in different colleges. It is an opportunity that allows students learn from the company simply because the program runs for six months. Interested students take the program where they are assigned some tasks in a given department under the manager. After the six months, the student may be moved to another program, and the process continues until two years are complete. This is an approach my company uses to prepare organization future employees. This program has benefited both students and the company simply the company and student needs each other at some point, (Healthfield, 2012).In developing my career, I have managed to learn from the experts and individuals who want to help me whenever I am in a problem. Asking questions and watching how things are done have helped me develop my career to some point. In the next 5 years, I would like to see myself in a successful operational position in a large organization or have started my own business, (Levine, 2011).


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