“Patient Advocacy” using Walker and Avant’s Concept Analysis Method

Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice

McEwen, M., & Wills, E. (2010). Theoretical Basis for Nursing (3rd ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. ISBN-13:978-1605473239

The concept that needs to be used for this paper is “Patient Advocacy” using Walker and Avant’s Concept Analysis Method. Concept analysis is an approach espoused by Walker and Avant to clarify the meanings of terms and to define terms (concepts) so that writers and readers share a common language. Concept analysis should be conducted when concepts require clarification or further development to define them for a nurse scholar’s purposes, whether that is research, theory development, or practice. This method for concept analysis requires an eight step approach as listed below…

The steps in Concept Analysis are:

1. Select a concept
2. Determine the aims or purposes of analysis
3. Identify all the uses of the concept possible
4. Determine the defining attributes
5. Identify model case
6. Identify borderline, related, contrary, invented, and illegitimate cases
7. Identify antecedents and consequences
8. Define empirical referents

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