Personal Leadership

Personal Leadership

Leadership is a vital or rather necessary aspect in any given environment. Different people have different leadership styles that help them develop an environment best for other people. It is necessary to have the best leadership style simply because it helps workmates or individuals within your environment understand your needs and how they can well associate with each other. With the help of theoretical orientation skills learnt in the model, this essay will focus on my personal leadership role and means by which I can manage to improve my leadership. This will be beneficial because I will have the potential to interact and relate with different people. Theoretical orientations and leadership styles represent who we are towards the groups we lead, (Northouse, 2009).I understand myself, and through this I believe that I one of the best leadership styles that contribute positive results in my work place. According to my qualities, I have high-high behavior of leadership that describes my leadership style.

These behaviors have explained the type of person I am in my workplace plus in any other environment where I take responsibility of a leader. This is one of the best leadership styles in an organization. Evidence shows that individuals with such leadership behaviors have high concern of their organization production. Apart from production, such leaders create the best environment for employees in the organization. High-High behavior of leadership helps me balance my work relationship will all parties involved in organization development. This has enabled me and the work environment contributes towards organization growth something that makes me feel proud of my leadership style, (Northouse, 2009).Some common leadership qualities that have made my leadership style function in the right direction include trust, management of self, ambitious, and feelings that create the best environment for different stakeholders in the organization. I rarely grant my trust to everyone something that has developed my discipline in work as well as outside working environment.

My own analysis of leadership shows me that I have all positive attributes of leadership style that my organization and the entire environment require. One the other hand, I have some leadership weaknesses, and they include lack of attention, mild deficiencies, risk, and management of meaning. Although this contributes to negative impacts of my leadership, in most cases I manage to respond to them appropriately. I understand that this weakness can prevent me from becoming the best leader in my work place. This is the reason why I ensure that I evaluate my leadership qualities to see which one requires attention, (Northouse, 2009).I believe that, in my organization, my leadership style have numerous departments and sections that I can suit. Given a chance, I would take a position of general supervisor in the organization. I feel that this position will help me improve my leadership skills and qualities simply because I will socialize with people from different departments. Dealing with different employees requires someone who is loyal and empathetic. Above that I have the potential to understand people meaning that this position suits my leadership qualities, (Northouse, 2009).


Northouse, G. P. (2009). Leadership: Theory and Practice: SAGE

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