Promoting the Health of Populations

Community/Public Health Nursing: Promoting the Health of Populations, TEXTBOOK 6e

Students must submit all journals through the Assignment Tool
The journal due dates are listed on the document titled, “Course Schedule.” and in the Weekly Modules. These due dates are not open to debate or negotiation. As a senior nursing student, your status as a professional nurse is imminent. As such you are expected to manage time effectively and make submissions of critical course requirements on or before due dates. Students not faculty are responsible for deadlines and submitting assignments on or before due dates. Failure to submit the journals will result in zero points for the assignment.
Total of 15 points
Have lunch with someone who is of a different cultural background. Include the following data categories pertaining to the person’s culture: 1. History of ethnic/racial origin of the person, 2. Values orientation, 3. Cultural sanctions/restrictions, 4. Communication, 5. Health-related Beliefs and Practices, 6. Nutrition and 7.Socioeconomic considerations. Compare and contrast to your own culture. ( This must be an actual interview for total points to be earned). The write-up of this interview must be included in Journal #3. Journal #3 needs to include:

1. Write-up of the Culture Assessment. (Use the questions on pages 239-240 in your textbook). (8 points)
2. Summary of student clinical activities since the submission of journal 2 (2 points)
3. Student clinical outcomes met to date. ( refer to student clinical objectives for the course) The objectives and the clinical activity that supports achievement of the outcomes must be written out. (2 point)
4. Documentation of course content as it relates to clinical activities. (Must document at least three areas of course content with explanation) (3 points)

Total of 15 points

Something to Think About:
On a 1-10 scale (1=not so important & 10=critically important) what number would quantify the import of using Transcultural Care Models as a framework in planning, implementing and evaluating nursing care delivery for the community? Do you think there is a positive relationship between delivering “culturally competent” care and “effective” nursing care delivery–That is, the more culturally competent the care, the more effective the nursing intervention, as measured by the clients (community) outcome?

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