Research Paper – High Suicide Rate among Middle-Aged Men in the United States

6 page research paper (1,800 words) How to solve the surprisingly high suicide rate among middle-aged men in the United States between the ages of 44 through 59. Why should we care? What is a solution? What are your recommendations? What opportunities do we have to solve this issue? Include Value Chain Creation. Include the Six Forces which are (1) accountability (2) consumers (3) financing (4) public policy and (5) structure. Include some of the 10 decisions of operations management (1) Service design (2) quality (3) process design (4) location (5) layout (6) human resources (7) supply chain management (8) inventory (9) scheduling and (10) maintenance. Include change leadership and healthcare finance principles. How will the solution impact social justice? How will the solution impact the rationing of healthcare?

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