Rosemary’s Baby film

Rosemary’s Baby film


            Rosemary’s Baby film is a drama and horror film that comprise of two main families that engages in activities that are not straight. Rosemary and Guy the young couple moves to Bramford where they befriend the old couple of Roman and Minnie.



Roman Polanski is the director of Rosemary’s Baby film which has been the best drama and horror like film. Evidence shows that this film is a horror film due to the actor has developed the entire story of the film. One of the aspects that show Rosemary’s Baby film is a horror film is due to the mood used to develop the story. Polanski have used a disturbing mood throughout the film something leaves the audience mouth open wondering what would happen in the future. Initially, the audience gets to know that the movie is about a loving couple, but the end does not show this reality. Setting of most 1960’s horror film were dark something that has been used to develop this film. The setting of Rosemary’s Baby film is out of place something than gives the film a more horror outlook. This film is full of suspense situations an aspect that develops horror idea, (Levin, 2011).


Guy (John Cassavetes) with his wife Rosemary Woodhouse (Mia Farrow) moves into Bramford as their new apartment. The apartment is located in New York City, and the building has a lousy reputation according to neighbors. Residents of this building are elderly something that is not common in most places. Some neighbors comes nosing to the building with the aim of welcoming the couple for making the place their residence. The elderly neighbors Roman and Minnie to some point seem harmless but later in the film it is seen the reason why they have been staying alone in that building for that long. Guy starts visiting Roman and Minnie something that does not please Rosemary simply because Guy does not seem to have time for her. Strange things develop like the death of Terry a woman who Rosemary had met in the laundry and had a chat on Roman and Minnie, (Levin, 2011).

Rosemary gets pregnant, but Guy becomes so distant something that makes Rosemary feel something might go wrong with her baby. Evidence shows that Rosemary does not get pregnant with Guy but another creature related to Satan. In different situations, Minnie is seen chatting with Rosemary about her pregnancy something that does not make her feel comfortable. After a long analysis, Rosemary realizes that Minnie and Roman are leaders of satanic movement and likely her child may be a sacrifice to the devil. Towards the end of the film, Rosemary discovers that Guy is not the father of her son something that makes her not to believe the situation. She is invited to join the movement and given an option if she does not leave the son and continue with her life as normal, (Levin, 2011).


Different themes have been developed in Rosemary’s Baby film. One of the themes created by the author is the theme of bond and relationship that exists between couples. Guy and Rosemary started as two happily couples but due to the engagement with evil neighbors, their relationship does not give results that are admirable. Evidence shows that the pair loves to interact with people, and that is why Guy makes a friendship with the elderly family without considering any type of risk that may develop in the process. Since Guy was suffering from cancer condition, his emphases on his condition something that affects the relationship they share with Rosemary, (Levin, 2011). The choice Guy makes worsens the situation simply he concentrates on his health something that make him forget about his wife.

Another vital theme developed by the author is that of friendship relationship. The younger couple has different friends some who are good and some who are bad. Minnie and Roman Castevet the older couple have friends who help them complete their life. When Guy befriends the older couple, Rosemary tries to get companion from people of her age like Terry, but this does not go for long. When Terry takes away her life, Rosemary is left with no option other than befriending the old couple who later affects her relationship. She realizes this when she gets pregnant and discovers that the child’s father was not Guy, (Levin, 2011).

Main Characters

Rosemary’s Baby film had different characters that were used by the author to develop the story. Guy and Rosemary young couple is in love and plans to make their home. Guy has a cancer condition something that later affects their relationship. Roman and Minnie the old couple becomes friends with the young couple. Roman and Minnie are also main characters who from film analysis are leaders of satanic movement, (Levin, 2011). This couple plays a vital role in development of the film for they engage in activities that enable the film come out as a horror film. Terry a lady who lives with the older couple is another crucial character in this film. She eventually takes away her life in an accident.

ARC of characters

Characters in Rosemary’s Baby film are seen as characters who respond in respect to the situation. In the first place, Guy and Rosemary are seen as happy couples who want to develop their life to an admirable situation. Despite that Guy has cancer condition, he actively engages in activities that make her wife happy. After shifting to the apartment and meets the old couple, things change, and Guy starts ignoring Rosemary simply because he knew the sacrifice he had made in order to be healed from the cancer. It ends to be a sad story for Rosemary when she realizes that the child had been a sacrifice for the devil and Guy was not the real father, (Levin, 2011).

Success of the film

Development of suspense in the movie was the main aspect that made this film turn be a real horror film. The author also uses plot setting as a way of developing characters who contribute to the success of the film, (Levin, 2011).

In conclusion, Rosemary’s Baby film is the best of all Polanski films. It is drama and horror movie that one needs to watch over and over due to the setting and development of characters within the film, (Levin, 2011).


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