Technology – Current Health Care Trends and Issues

This Journal focuses on the technology at your practicum site and the technology you have experienced in your professional practice. Please take time to review the readings of this unit. Along with your practicum/professional experiences, answer the following questions:
1. What are the current technological trends and issues at your practicum site?
2. Compare and contrast technology at your practicum with your current professional position.
3. How has technology changed during time working in health care?
4. What are the benefits and disadvantages of the current technological presence in health care?
5. What changes and new innovations do you predict happening in the future of health care?
ID: NU499-03-05-JOR1
Technology – Current Health Care Trends and Issues (p 2)
Consider answering the following questions to include in your response: Clinical setting Maternal and child health( technology used in that area)
1. Are we too technologically dependent?
2. Is technology taking away the hands-on aspects of nursing?
3. Will technology make a decreased need for nurses?
4. What is your favorite new technology?

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