Turnover of Healthcare Providers in Saudi Arabia Hospitals

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in general , Discuss. ” Turnover among Healthcare Providers Working in Saudi Arabia Hospitals
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Turnover among healthcare providers working in Saudi Arabia hospitals is alarming. Statistics show that more than half of the nurses in Saudi Arabia intend to leave their current position. This is in large part due to the “lack of qualified nurses and the heavy reliance on expatriates” (Al-Ahmadi, 2013). Roughly half of the nurses in Saudi Arabia are expatriates. Only 22.6 percent of the physicians employed by the Ministry of Health are Saudi nationals, and roughly five percent of the physicians and nurses employed in the private sector are nationals (Khaliq, 2012). Expatriate nurses typically work 2.3 years in Saudi Arabia, in order to add to their education and enhance their experience as a nurse, while earning money. Once sufficient funds have accumulated, the expatriate nurses go west to search for employment. As a result, hospitals must continue to invest in recruiting, hiring, and training costs.
In addition to an increase in costs, there is also a decrease in care, “due to shortage of staff, poor job performance and productivity” (Al-Ahmadi, 2013). Furthermore, the turnover impacts those professionals choosing to stay and work. These healthcare providers are often forced to work additional hours. Money that could be allocated to “core business activities, such as quality improvement programs, and staff development or nurse retention activities” (Almalki, FitzGerald, & Clark, 2012) must be spent on recruiting and hiring. A feeling of community is loss, and there is a lack of continuity ..

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