Uses of X-Ray's

Subject:Medicine and Health
Study Level:College
Page Count:3
Number of sources:4
Deadline: Fri, 2 p,m
Topic:Uses of X-Ray’s
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Details: Introduction – Introduction is clearly written and concise -Explains why this information is important to dental hygiene History Historical information provided is clear and relevant to topic. Importance of topic Importance of topic includes significant research to form ideas Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling – Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed; spelling is correct. – Language is clear and precise; sentences display consistently strong, varied structure. Conclusion Conclusion relates to the importance of the topic -Conclusion is clear, logical and specific APA Format – Paper follows all APA designated guidelines. Page Length – Paper exceeded the number of pages without being wordy Resources -Four or more resources were used -All resources were in correct APA format

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