social use of music in contemporary American society.

For this assignment, choose a topic from the items listed below that interest you and write a research paper. The point of the paper is for you to show how well you understand the concepts in the readings and our discussions in the online environment, and how these concepts relate to the topic you have chosen. A successful paper will not only carefully research the topic, but will demonstrate how the topic relates to the framework of this course. The paper will be evaluated on the quality of your research, the clarity of your information and the extent to which you are able to integrate concepts of the course with your topic. Remember the research paper will count for 100 points towards your grade in this course so do a good job and do not miss the assignment submission deadline.


Topic choices:

*The social use of music in contemporary American society.

*How technology will affect the way we listen to music.

*One of your favorite composers from your textbook and two of his most famous pieces.



Paper Requirements: 1000 words in length, excluding the title and works cited page Typed in Microsoft Word Double spaced, one-inch margins and a font size of 11 or 12 Title Page Works Cited page with at least 3 sources. Use any standard form, Just be sure to include: author, date of publication, title of article or book chapter or paper in quotation marks, title of book or journal in italics (or underlined), volume and month for journals, and page numbers (6rst and last). For web sites, list the site name, author, and date and give the complete web address. Research and Resources Library research for the paper is a vital part of the assignment. I will suggest a few references, but for the most part you will be on your own for the literature research.

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