A cognitive impairment and a physical health problem eg A type of Dementia and diabetes

Assignment: essay
Subject: Nursing
Study Level:Master
Page Count:2
Number of sources:10
Deadline: Feb 19th, 10 pm
Topic:With reference to your practice experience, write a care study to demonstrate critical understanding of caring for a person with limited capacity ( Client must have an ailment which gives A cognitive impairment and a physical health problem eg A type of Dementia and diabetes or similar).Your study should be primarily concerned with the implementation of planned interventions with an analysis of the care delivery. (1200 words)
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Details:A case study is a written description of a problem or situation… which contains the facts of a story arranged in a chronological sequence. The purpose of a case study is to place you in the role of decision-maker, asking you to distinguish pertinent from peripheral facts, to identify central alternatives among several issues competing for attention, and to formulate strategies and policy recommendations. The method provides an opportunity to sharpen problem-solving skills and to improve your ability to think and reason rigorously. The choice of the client is at the discretion of the student, but should ensure that the interplay between bio-psychosocial factors in clients with limited capacity is demonstrated. In addition, the student should demonstrate understanding of health promoting and evidenced based interventions. Below is a possible approach to the assignment. The majority of this assignment should be concerned with an analysis of the care that is delivered. Introduction (Briefly summarise the points – below,) (100 words only) 1.Set the scene Describe briefly the history (Patients/Client’s significant physical/mental health history?What is the patient/client’s past bio/psycho/social history? How does this history relate to this service involvement?) Describe briefly the planned intervention(s) using an inpatient setting.( Please choose 1 bio and 1 psycho intervention only ) Critical analysis of care implementation and evaluation (main focus of study)-(1000 words) Present a critical analysis of care implementation giving consideration to some of the following themes. (Eg. How was the planned care delivered? How did the nursing team engage the patient/client and carers in delivering the care plan? How did the patient/client respond to the delivered care? Did this change the planned approach? How did capacity impact upon the person’s ability to engage and recover? How do these issues interrelate?) What methods were used to evaluate the outcome? (What was the outcome of that evaluation? What was good about care delivery, what could be improved, what else may have been tried?) Conclusion – What did you learn from this care study?(What are the implications for your future practice?)-(100 words)

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