A Tragic Accident

A Tragic Accident

18 years ago, got to be Auntie Miriam’s prime time days. Miriam grew prettier than one can ever image. Her hair was as soft as silk treads and longer than the baboon’s tale. Living in a village full of young bachelors she received a lot of passes and appointments which drove her crazy. One day John a 9feet tall dude came to visit Miriam in her residential home at town wigs. Like many girls do wish to get tall, handsome partners, this was Miriam’s given the opportunity.     As Miriam got busy cleaning utensils, heard the door bell “just a moment, am coming” she said.     Opening the door, she finds her former school mate “Jonny” as they used to call him. She got amazed to see who was on the door “Hi Jonny who showed you the way to my hideout?” she said, “Your gorgeous smile cannot be forgotten my love” John responded as he made his way. Miriam as first as lightening rushed to the kitchen to get some juice and snacks to accompany the juice. John stood up and went directly to get a closer view of a wall picture hanged far from the left wall.

To his surprise the picture was one of his drawing collections which went missing from his gallery store. Miriam returned holding to cups and a saucer of creamed donuts.  John as busy as a cat on a hot tin roof stared at the wall picture. “Hey! Jonny here is your cup” she said, John quickly turned wearing a worrying facial expression. “What is the matter is there any problem?” she asked “ehh! No but…it is ok!” John responded. Miriam: “I hope it is not about that sweet picture you gave me,” John: “well I will not say it is the one, but…, but when did I give it to you?”  Miriam “Ah! Now I see your memory did not store this lovely symbol you gave me”.  John suddenly got annoyed and stood up (yelling at Miriam) “come worthless thing, why are you such a boring creature, this picture got stolen from my gallery.”

Miriam drew closer to him in a bit to sooth his violent actions, but received a hot slap, which left her rolling on the floor.  “You must be a witch on top of being a thief; do you know how much money got lost?” John exclaimed. Miriam gathered her strength and stood up full of confidence (sneering at him) “hey Mr. Perfect, (yelling) get out of my house, or I call the police!” John a got surprise at her quick moves and pretended to be a caring fellow “sorry darling I did not mean to hurt you, something cam e over me.” Miriam: “I said you leave my house, go dancing your filth garments to someone, else not me, go!” John made some few steps to the door but made four strides back to Miriam. Miriam dashed straight to her wall unit and took her cell phone and began to search a number to call. As she searched, John came closer to her “don’t let your anger mess you up do not dial that number please” Miriam “be prohibited man do not even think of trying to touch me at any point eh!” Like the elongated arms of a squid, Miriam stretches her left arm and punched John’s face. “Tit for tat is the fairest game on earth” she exclaimed.

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