Approaches for responsible supplement use

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Topic:Approaches for responsible supplement use
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Details:Approaches for responsible supplement use. Aside from safety, the field of dietary supplements seems not very tightly regulated. There may a need for concise advice for consumers related to dietary supplement use and “value for money”. Using information from sessions 6-8 and references cited, discuss “Approaches for responsible supplement use by consumers”. Write from the perspective as “an expert” giving public health advice for the general supplement user In your essay, please comment (no matter how briefly) on the following topics:  Estimated size of dietary supplements market  Main legislators involved with supplements and their role  Lobbying by dietary supplement manufacturers  Adverse events and their reporting  Content and labelling claims  Evidence base for complementary and alternative medicines  Bioavailability  Recommended internet information sources for supplements Each section will count equally to the assessment. You may chose to focus on dietary supplements for one health area, e.g. bone and joint health, cancer, cardiovascular health, diabetes, neurodegenerative disease, obesity/ weight control.

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