Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections

Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections

Central line associated blood stream infections have not been prevalent in the population in previous years. However, the risk for contracting this infection has been on the rise due to extensive risk factors. Consequently, this infection presents a significant health care concern n the population. It is even more perilous to note many people are unfamiliar about the health risks of this health complication. It is thus pertinent to establish effective mechanisms that would help in controlling the prevalence of CLABASIs. This research encompasses an evaluation of different alternatives that would help in controlling the spread of this health complication. This applies to health centers and also the community.

Through the research framework, health care practitioners can establish adequate mechanisms for alleviating this health complication among patients. For the research, data collection encompasses direct observations as well as numerous platforms for primary data.  Questionnaires form the framework of collecting data from different kinds of respondents. Additionally, the research framework also encompasses the evaluation of primary resources that have reliable information of the alleviation of this health complication.

From the research, among the most notable perspectives for alleviating this infection is the enhancement of hygiene standards in health care organizations. The attainment of high standards of hygiene creates an unfavorable environment for germs to thrive in health care environments. Apart from the enhancement of hygienic standards, another aspect of dealing with this health challenge pertains to training the health care practitioners. The specialized training programs are helpful in enhancing the practitioners’ awareness about the control of this health complication. Patients are also prominent participants of the solution framework. This is through enlightenment initiatives for patients in hospitals or other health care facilities. This survey is thus a significant stride towards dealing with this health challenge.

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