Childhood obesity

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Topic:Childhood obesity
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Details:This is a rhetoric, polarization, social action assignment.
The rhetoric on this subject, at least that which appears in the
public sphere, should be polarized to some extent . Example; you see
some of that us/them also I need a solution that presents a well
reasoned new angle on the question that has been explored. Also I need
two outside academic resources and one personal interview source. For
example if your researching yoga then you would interview a yoga
instructer you don’t have to put a transcript of the conversation
just summarize the conversation and provide some quotations that you
will cite as a personal communication and this interview source will
support any aspect of your arguememt. But for the research paper I
would like to start off by asking a question like is childhood obesity
a disease or a lifestyle or condition so I would like to argue that it
is not a disease it’s the lifestyle condition

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