Communication across Cultures

Communication across Cultures

In the current world, businesses that want to survive in the market must work abroad. The company that operates in different countries must have employees who have different cultures. Apart from diversity training, managers should have effective communication in order to understand and interact with employees from these cultures.

In a diverse culture, managers should learn how to listen to employees. The organization must train managers to listen parties involved in the workplace. When the manager allows employees express themselves, he or she understands what they want. It is through such expression the manager knows how to handle employees and address their problems.

Survival in the current business world requires managers who are unsophisticated in business operations. Employees come from different backgrounds meaning that the company should train managers on how to learn and understand all employees, (Rabotin, 2011).

Effective communication requires the manager to know the cultural values of people working in the company. A manager who understands values of a given culture will know how to communicate with workers and realize organization goals and objectives. In a diverse environment, an organization should train its managers on how to learn some necessary aspects of effective communication. Posture, facial expression, eye contact, clothing, and gestures contribute to effective communication.

An effective manager should learn how to interact with workers in different ways. Cultures differ, and values from one culture may harm the other culture. A manager should learn how to listen a lot and talk less in order to allow workers raise their arguments. Organizations should develop communication programs in order to prepare managers have communication skills, (Rabotin, 2011).


Rabotin, M. B. (2011). Culture savvy: working and collaborating across the globe. Alexandria, VA: American Society for Training & Development

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