A Company’s Policies On Health And Safety Issues

A Company’s Policies On Health And Safety Issues

In this new company, am going to formulate new policies on health and safety issue which would affect the whole of Occupational Health and Safety Corporation.  The policies will specifically address the employee’s health and safety issues that would affect their performance during their employment contract period. The following are the policies regarding some health and safety issues:  First and foremost, the health of the employees shall be given the first priority. This policy shall establish to ensure that, the employees working condition do not pause any health risk.

The company shall introduce health insurance covers for all employees. The insurance cover shall cater for Job-related complications such as musculoskeletal injuries and disorders cases. Furthermore, the health cover shall be renewable annually to ensure that compensations regarding any injury is done in time. The health care issues shall be under the human resource management department to enable equal distribution of work in the company.On the other hand, the corporation will purchase facilities that would promote safety and avoid health complication issues.  These facilities would be such as comfortable and authenticated furniture to ensure that there is a reduced risk of spinal cord and muscle injuries when working.

As if not enough, the corporation will introduce training for the new employees regarding health safety precautions. This training will equip them in understanding how to stay safe from all forms health risks. In this training, the employees will be enlightened on safe body positions when in the process manufacturing microchip processors. Since as the name microchips suggests, the chips are small electronic devices which require someone to zoom closer to get a comfortable view. Therefore, when the workers get adequate training on how to position themselves, safety will be enhance.  The other policy under safety issues will be the introduction of penalties administered to employees who deliberately deface the corporation’s facilities.  The culprits would be liable to substantial reimbursements that come with some15% interest. In case, the destruction or loss of company’s property was not a deliberate activity, but accidental the company shall cater for the damages.

The issue of ergonomics in this new corporation is among the key issues the company cannot ignore. The ergonomics or a human factor of this company gets concerned with the fitness of the workers who sit behind computers. This works are prone to physical injuries such as spinal and muscle relates stresses.  The company is keen to ensure that these workers will not work for so long to avoid repetitive strain injuries and musculoskeletal disorders. This disorders result from strain full body positions that cause workers to develop health complication issues. In a bid to avoid the occurrence of these kinds of complications, the company will buy equipments that will enhance safety for workers.

The company shall also ensure that through ergonomics, employee’s capabilities and limitations get to suit the functions, tasks environment and information of the computer workers. Furthermore, it shall be used to assess the fit between an individual and the used technology. The environment the workers work under shall also be determined by the human factors in the company. In addition, the company will introduce a scientific design user interaction with equipment and workplace to fit the user/worker. The relationship between the computer user and the positioning design shall be enhanced to ensure reduced health risk issues for all the workers sitting behind computers.


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