Complex Health Systems

Complex Health Systems


Apple’s Retina Display provides liquid crystal displays that have a high pixel density that is hardly noticeable by the human eye at a distance. Various apple products such as the McBook Pro, iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone are the Retina Display brands.  This healthcare organization should consider purchasing an Apple’s Mac book.  The MacBook Air was launched by Apple in 20008. It is a sleek computer in a tapered design with a razor-like edge of 0.18inches.  This makes it the world’s thinnest computer. Apple is now facing stiff competition with the introduction of slimmer PCs that are ultra-portable, ultra thin and classy gadgets.  For instance Intel Corp, in June 2011, introduced the ultra book brand of laptops with specific requirements of portability and weight. The manufactures have developed millions of MacBook that are currently available for sale. The main advantage of the Macbook is that it has a higher high definition resolution. The MacBook is much lighter in weight, by 4.5 pound, unlike the laptops.

The situation or problem solved

The processors of the ultrabook have low voltage versions that help in reducing consumption of power and increase battery life.  The ultrabook has a much larger memory space compared to the laptop with 4 to 8 gigabytes. The Macbook also has a much larger storage space that provides the user with high energy efficiency and performance. Its storage capacity is 64-256 gigabytes (International Society for Technology in Education 2007)


The purchase of the ultrabook will mean that the health organization will benefit from a powerful computer that reflects on modern style. It is a gadget that has a long battery life, and this means that nurses and physicians will not have to worry about the electric power for researching. Its long voltage processors and solid state hard drives provide the Macbook with longer battery life. Therefore, they are an ideal upgrade to the current the Macbook. It is much lighter and easy to carry than laptops. The long life of Macbook battery provides eight hours of working instead of the usual 2 to 3 hours of many devices.  The MacBook device also comes with it high performance due to the massive storage capacity yet, it can be purchased at a low price. The increasing medical needs call for the need of larger storage space of patients information. Therefore, the Macbook stands out as the best solution to solving storage space capacity in the information technology. These handheld devices are small and can be applied in every use in hospital, such as, Mac Pro for radiologist’s machines, iMac to nursing stations, Macbook for rounding medical teams (Pink, 2005).

Competing products

Unlike the laptops and iPod, the Macbook provide a much more new experience in its hybrid storage system. It has the option for a Fusion drive that combines the flash memory with a hard drive of one to three terabytes. This leads to increased and much faster performance. No any other technological device matches the memory storage of 128 to 256 gigabyte storage space, found in McBook.   Other  retailers look  forward to having their  products in the market, and this leads to  a fusion  of similar and overlapping models in a  given product line. For instance, Dell has its own notebook of 12 different versions comprising of 14z, 14R-2nd Gen and 14 ispiron notebooks. On the contrary, Apples Mcbook aim is to satisfy the user and the lack of choice is not the issue.  The use of McBook from apple will facilitate the meeting of demands in this health organization internally (NG Trends, 2012).

Evaluation plan

The McBook implementation will be measured based on the organization’s performance and in its storage capacity. The technology will also be tested by its ability to drive knowledge and learning among the healthcare practitioners. The technology will also be tested on its ability to   promote inquiry among nurses, and physicians. This is because the Macbook computers   provide physicians and nurses with the best way of presenting information. Such a stagey will be used in easily demonstrating content, encourage physicians to restate content that can be easily understood by others, and in promoting exploration. The success or failure of this technology will be compared with the previous level of performance so as to test the effectiveness of McBook devices (Pew Research Center, 2005).

Suggest a time line for implementation.

Date Activity Measurement
1st Dec 2012 Present this proposal to the healthcare management team.  Approval or disapproval   by the healthcare leaders.
2nd Jan 2013 Gathering resources and implementation strategies. Approval
2nd Feb 2013 Actual implementation by   purchasing the Apple’s McBook. Successful implementation.
Training and

Data measurement.

 Determine whether or not the new technology has solved problems.











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