Current Strategies for Treatment of Substance Abuse

Current Strategies for Treatment of Substance Abuse

Drug craving or addiction is a complicated disease typified by serious and, at times, unruly drug desire, along with obsessive drug searching and use that persist even in the face of devastating repercussions. In most cases, drug addictions begin with a voluntary act of consumption that gradually develops into a habit then an addition. The substance abuse behavior results largely from the effects of prolonged drug disclosure on the mind activities. Furthermore, abuse of drugs affects the brain sections, including those involved in motivation and reward, memory and learning, and control over behavior and inhibitory.

Recent studies show that addiction and drug abuse indicated that individual’s treatment on drug abuse is not an easy matter. There is so many disrupt and dimension that affect an individual’s life: hence complexities for complete treatment. Effective therapeutic programs distinctively incorporate several components each focused to a specific disease and its ramifications. Addiction diagnoses must assist an individual in stopping drug abuse. Addiction is a chronic illness that takes a gradual process to heal; thus one cannot simply stop using drugs and claim the he gets healed. Most addicts require longer-term or several repeated episodes of care to accomplish the ultimate goal of sustained recovery and abstinence of their lives.

According to scientific studies conducted since mid 1970’s, drug abuse treatment can help patients in avoiding relapse and effectively recover their lives.  The most recent strategies for treatment include; behavioral therapies, medication, particularly when combined get to be significant elements of overall treatment process. The therapeutic processes often start with detoxification, followed by treatment and then relapse prevention. On the other hand, easing withdrawal symptoms can be fundamental in the initiation of treatment.  Medication treatment can also be effective particularly during detoxification. There are various drugs used for detoxification of drug addicts. However, medically supported detoxification is not in itself “treatment”, rather it is the initial step in the treatment process.


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