Delirium Patients in the ICU, Nursing Peer-Review, Qualitative Article

Delirium patients in the ICU, nursing peer-review, qualitative article Swan, B. A., Becker, J., Brawer, R., & Sciamanna, C. N. (2011). Factors Influencing the Implementation of a Point-of-Care Screening Tool for Delirium. MEDSURG Nursing, 20(6) The problem is clearly stated. In this peer-reviewed article, Swan et al. (2011) stated that nursing professionals are crucial in evaluating the risk for delirium – a serious health problem – since they offer round-the-clock care and observe the patient in various conditions. Failure to recognize this health problem could result in poor events such as urinary tract infections, increased hospital length of stay, and even restraint use (Swan et al., 2011; Elliot, 2014).

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