The Descriptions or Metaphors in Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

The Descriptions or Metaphors in Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

The “I HAVE A DREAM” is a historical, public speech by Martin Luther King Jr. conveyed on 28th, August, 1963 in which Luther called for a stop to racism in the United States of America. He conveyed his speech in front of about 200,000 citizens assembled by the Lincoln memorial grounds. This was during the march on Washington for freedom and jobs, in which was an indispensable moment of the American Civil Rights Movement (ACRM). The dream described a cry for freedom and equality in the cosmopolitan land of slavery and hatred. The following are the similes in Martin Luther’s historical speech:

First and foremost, the beginning line of the speech, mentions “as the greatest demonstration of history…”This simile describes the significance of 28, August which marked the historical day when U.S. patriots demonstrated their craving for freedom in the history of U.S.A. Secondly, in the third line of the speech there is the simile “as a veritable beacon light of hope…”. The simile describes a significant illumination of insight or realization meant to offer hope to the Negro or black community who had scorched in the inferno of contemptuous prejudice.  The fourth line of the speech presents the simile “as a joyous daybreak…” This simile demonstrates a reflection of the historical day when U.S.A got independence.

According to the speech that day and moment brought incredible joy to U.S. citizens, a century later the black race is still not independent.  On the other hand, the speech also has some metaphorical connotations such as; “…one day every vale got to be dignified, and every hill and mountain got to be squat…” This metaphorical statement meant that a day was coming when inequality done to the black community shall come to an end. Another metaphor disclosed in this speech gets to be “…a worthless check…” The metaphor is not a literal description of a discarded normal check; rather it means the empty promises delivered by the racism that were in power.


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