Developing critical thinking skills

Nursing Critical Thinking Question to Answer

Developing critical thinking skills: Question #2 (Pick only one situation to discuss)

2. Describe how a nurse would meet the aims of nursing as described in this chapter (promoting health, preventing illness, restoring health, and facilitating coping) when caring for the following patients:
• A single mother who has just delivered her first child and is scheduled to be discharged 12 hours after delivery
• An 82-year-old woman who wants to begin an exercise program
• A 32-year-old man dying of AIDS at home

This question is at the end of the chapter in our textbook (fundamentals of nursing, edition 7). I will upload the entire chapter in PDF format, so look for that. The question is in the Developing Critical Thinking Skills section of the chapter. It is question #2 (the question is copied and pasted above).

No particular style such as APA or MLA needed. Just get straight into answering the question, using the book to support your answer. No need to put name and date on the paper. Only one page needed. No citations needed. Double spaced. Will be submitted to

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