Dextromethorphan (DXM) and its products are useful products when used in the right method. When abused or taken in a manner that does not go in line with the physician’s prescription, Dextromethorphan (DXM) turns to be dangerous just like marijuana or any other such product. Evidence suggests that most of over the counter (OTC) products are not fit for teens use. DXM is one of the common OTC products that have no restrictions on who to purchase. This is a serious risk to teens simply because they have the capacity to buy the product whenever they want to use, (Griffith, 2012).

DXM is a common cough suppressing product that has medication value thus used by different people. It is available in variety and different forms. Due to its medication value, DXM is one of OTC products that are available anywhere. Evidence shows that DXM comes in more than 120 different types making it available for teens. Since these products are of help towards an individual’s health, this is the reason why they are kept over the counter in order to get accessed by whoever is in need of them, (Schwartz & Pizon, 2008).

The current world of globalization has affected business operations as well as how customers relate to businesses. DXM has become a common medicine in different brands simply because of competition and expansion of market share. Health care industry has failed in developing rules and guides on which drugs to get on OTC. The issue of having no set rules have made DXM available in shelves where teens have access and can easily buy. Availability of DXM in different forms and competition towards the best medication has made it possible for teens to misuse the drug, (Griffith, 2012).


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