Discuss change theory that would be most appropriate for your change.

Capstone Paper
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Please follow this instruction:
I am writing about improved hand off report/ shift hand off. (Is the same) bed side report.

In your clinical experience, identify a need for change in the system. It could be an improved hand off report, different workflow, computer technology applications, orientation etc.
1. Obtain the organizations overall organizational chart as well as that of the Nursing Department.
2. Obtain the Vision/Mission/Philosophy of both the institution as a whole and the nursing department/unit if available.
3. Secure the RN performance appraisal form (usually on live or from Human Resources.

Research the literature for at least six (6) relevant articles regarding how your need for change has been addressed in other settings.

Devise a 6-10 question questionnaire regarding institutional processes to utilize when benchmarking other organizations.

Use least four (4) other similar organizations to benchmark; utilize your questionnaire. Call the Education Department for assistance in contacting the appropriate individual within your designated organizations

Work on the Capstone project and assess organizational and leadership dynamics observed in your clinical practice

With this in mind, identify what change theory and change agent would be most effective to implement the Capstone project.

Utilize appropriate APA format in writing the paper. At least 6-7 references.

less than 15% other people work Unoriginal materials. because I have to use it to pass through Turnitin
. i have to achieve a turnitin assessment of 15%.

1. Identify the need(s) for change
2. State the intended change in one sentence.
3. Describe the system where the change is to occur (utilize relevant organizational dynamics).
a. Include Vision/Mission/Philosophy of the facility and the unit if available: relate if these are accurate portrayals of the facility/unit.
b. Assess overall organization of the facility as a whole and the nursing department
c. Discuss how the physical location of the nursing department may indicate its influence/power within the institution
d. Assess climate and culture of the institution as a whole and the unit in particular
e. Assess how the RN appraisal tool reflects organizational and unit
1. Research the literature (minimum of 6 resources) to see how the need/issue has been met elsewhere.
2. Develop a 6-10 question tool to assess how other institutions/units managed the problem.
3. Utilize the tool in benchmarking at a minimum of three sites to evaluate how other

1. Discuss change theory that would be most appropriate for your change.
2. Identify barriers and facilitators in the change setting.
3. Identify what your role would be in implementing the proposal as a change agent.
4. 4. Discuss the impact of this change on direct care and indirect care; include costs related to implementing this change

Leadership/Management Theory Application
1. Identify leadership/management approaches used on your unit; include both your clinical mentor and the charge nurse on the unit.
2. Correlate these management approaches with anticipated outcomes.

Please follow this instruction:
I am writing about improved hand off report/ shift hand off. (Is the same)

The unit is 4 east and it is a Telemetry medical Surgery unit.
The name of the hospital is White plain Hospital. (http://www.wphospital.org/.)

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