An Environmental Scan in Setting a Strategic Plan

An Environmental Scan in Setting a Strategic Plan

An environmental scan requires one to consider the larger external environment than a small one.  For example, a businessman prepares to deliver goods in the neighboring town. He would like to get this done as rapid as doable. So he switches on the TV. To watch the traffic reports.  Unfortunately, there is a catastrophe on the road he usually passes when taking his supplies. What is the next step? The businessman plans to take an alternative route that would keep him out of traffic jam. What he does is a limited form of the environmental scan (Bacal Robert 2011).

In terms of the healthcare organization, an environmental scan involves considering the factor that will influence the route objectives and aims of the institution. Some of the factors to mull over include; consideration of the current and the future factors that might affect the organization. As a matter of fact, it is imperative for the organization to formulate a strategic plan for the prospect, not just for the current.

The health care organization must consider protecting the infants and the youths since they represent the future. For example, the organization’s environmental scan might scheme that in 30 years to come the number of patients who shall need more health care shall be the youths of ages between 18-30.

The organization must consider purchasing healthcare facilities targeting the youth dominated population. Therefore, those are the factors that the environmental scan stipulates the organization to consider. However, the healthcare organization must also consider factoring future plans in consideration of additional factors like; external and internal factors (Bacal Robert 2011)

The quality of demographical data is significant since one is able to check on the accuracy of the statistical study of the living population and subpopulations. In addition, one should be looking for the size or number of population data recorded on a given survey or study.


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