Ethical Dilemmas in healthcare in regard to Euthanasia

This project deals with euthanasia and different views about the legality and practice in different States of

the country. In my state Florida is illegal , yet controversial some are pro and others are against . I prefer to remain neutral although I favor that in the event of a chronic disease to avoid suffering is better as well as if the person involved is too old as well to avoid suffering and complication to proceeded with Euthanasia .

Also the fact of quality of life after coma and possible recovery might affect the decision if necessary.

I need
—-More than 7 references
—-5 have to be articles , 3 peer reviewed (nursing) and one can be from the legal aspect, the fifth might be from steps to solve ””medical ethical dilemmas (please cite the article as well as the method to be used

during the discussion).
—-Development of the scenario using steps of Ethical dilemmas ( do not skip any of the areas.
—- # pages of development


Serious accidents can leave people comatose for month and even years. The longer the coma last, the less chance the person to regaining consciousness. There are people who lives in that state, care for at considerable expense in hospitals or nursing homes, unable to relate to their love ones, and unaware that they are technically alive. Such cases inevitably raise the question of euthanasia. Merely by injecting poisonous substances into a vein, a doctor or nurse could spare people a limbo of near life and grant them a painless death. Would it be ethically justify able to do so in such a situation? Would it be justifiable in other situation?

This is an ethical dilemma. Use the step required to discuss an ethical dilemma and how you would defend your actions.

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