Examine regulatory and legal requirements for the state in which you plan to practice.

Advanced Practice Roles in Nursing:

Compare and contrast the roles of the NP, nurse educator, nurse informaticist, and nurse administrator in advanced practice nursing pertaining to clinical practice, primary care, education, administration, and research.
Selected Advanced Practice Role: Adult , Geriatric nurse
Examine regulatory and legal requirements for the state in which you plan to practice.
Describe the professional organizations available for membership based on your selected role.
https://www.gapna.org/ , http://www.nursecredentialing.org/ , http://www.aanpcert.org/ptistore/control/index , http://www.caremanager.org/ , http://www.ngna.org/ , http://www.nhcgne.org/ .
Identify required competencies, including certification requirements for your selected role.
Predict the organization and setting, population, and colleagues with whom you plan to work.- geriatric
Leadership Attributes of the Advanced Practice Role:
Determine your leadership style (http://psychology.about.com/library/quiz/bl-leadershipquiz.htm).
Participative Leadership
Participative leaders accept input from one or more group members when making decisions and solving problems, but the leader retains the final say when choices are made. Group members tend to be encouraged and motivated by this style of leadership. This style of leadership often leads to more effective and accurate decisions, since no leader can be an expert in all areas. Input from group members with specialized knowledge and expertise creates a more complete basis for decision-making.
Identify leadership attributes you currently possess, and attributes you may need to develop – strong leadership.
Determine how to attain and evaluate those missing attributes.
Health Policy and the Advanced Practice Role:
Visit the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (http://www.rwjf.org/en/about-rwjf/newsroom/features-and-articles/health-policy.html) and identify a health policy issue. Conduct a review of literature and address the following:
Describe the current policy and what needs to change; justify your conclusions with citations from the literature.
Provide the process required to make the change with key players and parties of interest.
Explain how you could lead the effort to make or influence the change in policy.
Predict the effect on healthcare quality if the change in policy is implemented.
The articles must be current (not more than five years old).

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