Experience In Entrepreneurship

Experience In Entrepreneurship

Through my Experience In Entrepreneurship, I have developed a keen interest in entrepreneurship. I have worked as duties free/brand manager at Swatch Group-Time Center, Jordan. In this position, I have strategically planned and executed campaigns aligned to the company’s strategic direction. I have also worked towards determining the inventory implications and ensuring stock safety according to the proposed distribution networks. Another work experience that has enhanced my passion in entrepreneurship is my duty as a senior export director. This job position made me learn a lot of international trade. Some of the responsibilities I had in this position include; determining the optimal sourcing strategy, determining the best channels of distribution and optimizing trade offers between warehousing and transportation costs. The position also gave me a firsthand experienced customer bargaining power through the Potter’s five forces. Based on this knowledge, I had to be creative in generating ideas of cutting down costs. My job experience in the world of entrepreneurship has made me realize the trials and errors involved in the businesses operations that could lead to cost overruns and delays.

In a project I conducted entitled, The Swedish Market for Organic Foods, I learned that the production of organic products has rapidly increased in Sweden. However, the main challenge is that the land space available to support organic farming is. Organic agriculture in Sweden only takes 75 of the total agricultural sector. The future of production will be lower due to the proportion of organic is high by about 20% within the extensive areas and lower in the highly intense areas. Also, there is a small proposition of pork and chicken production leading to the yield level in organic farms to be much lower than any other farms. This project made me realize the need to establish an organic company specializing in organic processing. I hope to establish the company to target other developed markets in Sweden and beyond. The company wills however, start as a small project that restricts and limits the use of processing aids and some additives. I believe that with the necessary support among companies that could be interested with the products. However, before then I hope to learn much concerning all the details in business functioning. I hope, therefore, to take a Master’s degree program in entrepreneurship that will help me fulfill my goal.

I have been surrounded by mentors along my entrepreneurship journey. This starts from my father who has shaped my beliefs especially in the business world of today. The research project, entitled, ‘the Swedish Market for Organic Foods” has helped me to understand agricultural entrepreneurship in organic production. My project has gained attention in agricultural sector and the media because of its non-intuitive implications. I have also specialized in studies on strategies entrepreneurship in my undergraduate studies. The strong support I have found in Lund University has reinforced my desire to specialize on entrepreneurship and to focus on the topic that has social and economical relevance, as well as, empirical and theoretical grounds.

My interest is to solve real world problems in the field of entrepreneurship has made me extend my studies in the technological fields to leverage my skills in technology entrepreneurship. I hope to start on the project that will inform future entrepreneurs on challenges in incorporating technology to entrepreneurship. I can only do this when I have a Master’s degree in entrepreneurship. It is my hope that will be part of the selected students to take this course.

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