Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale 

Florence Nightingale environmental theory is applicable in prevention of CLABSIs.  The environment, patient and health are related. The environment can affect a patient’s health and recovery.    A poor environment affects patient health and makes the patient prone to diseases. Hospitals having poor sanitation, uneducated and qualified workers tend to have high incidences of CLABSIs. In addition, hospitals having professionals with minimal training affect patients’ health by influencing patent safety and quality of care.  In addition, having professionals unreliable in meeting patients’ needs affects patient health and increases the risk of having CLABSIs.  Implementing the central line maintenance protocol bundle will improve patients environment and hence health. The central line maintenance protocol bundle encourages hand hygiene, disinfection of the patient’s skin with Chlorhexidine and disinfection of the hospital environment. In addition, it encourages proper selection of catheter site and education of the staff on CLABSIs to prevent the infections (Friedman & Rhinehart, 2006).

I have selected the theory because it shows how the environment affects the patient and his health. It helps understand how the environment causes CLABSIs in hemodialysis patients.  The theory encourages changing the patient’s environment and hospital environment to prevent infections. It also encourages education and training of the staff and having reliable workers to prevent infections. Therefore, the theory supports my proposed solutions that include educating staff, selecting catheter site well and disinfection of the clinic environment. It also supports disinfection of patient’s skin and washing of hands when providing care.  The theory will be incorporated in the project under the theoretical framework. I will discuss how the theory can be used to understand CLABSIs among hemodialysis patients and how changing the environment reduces infections (Friedman & Rhinehart, 2006).


Friedman, M.M., & Rhinehart, E. (2006). Infection control in home care and hospice. Jones & Bartlett learning

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