Forensic Nursing – importance of this community setting

tyle=”text-align: justify;”>Forensic Nursing

3–5 page paper in APA format, write on the importance of this community setting. Include:

Brief history of the topic
National statistics
Ethical implications
Cultural issues
Importance in the community
The nurse’s role
Include at least two scholarly references besides your text. Text is Nies, M. A. and McEwen M. (2011). Community/Public Health Nursing: Promoting the Health of Populations (5th Ed.) Elsevier Saunders ISBN 978-1-4377-0860-8

Each section of paper needs to have the following headings:
1. Appraisal of Forensic Nursing
2. How Important is Forensic Nursing
3. History of and National Statistics
4.Cultural Issues Related to Forensic Nursing
5. Importance of the Nurse Role in Forensic Nursing

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