Implement and Monitor Nursing Care for Older Clients.

ong>Implement and Monitor Nursing Care for Older Clients.

1. Mrs Holt, 85 years old, has been admitted to acute care following a fall resulting in a fractured femur. She is a widow and lives alone with

her three cats for company.
a) What aspects would you consider in preparation for her discharge?
b) Research and discuss a minimum of three (3) services that are available to assist the older person with maintaining social contacts within your

local area.

2. Mrs Munyarryun, 67 years, has been retired from her work for two years. She rings for advice about urinary incontinence, a problem she has

experienced over the last 6 months. What might have triggered urinary incontinence and what would you include in your advice?

3. Mr Konarski, 73 years old, lives in a high-level care facility. He has dementia of the Alzheimer’s type, osteoarthritis in both knees and

ankles, and hypertension, which is controlled by medication. He requires supervision and help with all personal care. Today, however, he appears

unusually agitated and restless. What would you consider might be the cause of this change?

4. Mr Lusk, 69 years old, lives with his wife in a low-care facility. He has recently been diagnosed with early stage Dementia. You are

educating his wife (Mrs Lusk) on the aspects of managing challenging behaviour. What can you tell her about Validation therapy? Give an example

(either a conversation or situation) of when she can use this technique with her husband.

5. Forms of Restraint:
a) What are the three types of restraints?
b) For each type, identify one action which demonstrates how this restraint could be applied:
c) Identify three restraint alternatives which could be used in aged care practice.

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