Do you know how to do Nursing Care Plan???

ou know how to do Nursing Care Plan???
Can you see if you can help me with these assignments? Me and my friends (in the same class). Each of us need to turn in two different ones. This assignment ask each of us to do two NANDA diagnoses so we’ll need a total of four NANDA diagnoses. The attachment “Module 2” has some information about the assignments, the attachment “NANDA 07” has a list of the NANDA diagnoses, and below is the directions and the format for Homework # 4. If you have any questions then please email us back and if you can do these assignments then can you give us a quote? We need these assignments done by Friday July 3rd. Thank you
Homework #4 Care Plan Due ( July 3rd)

1. Care plan:

· Select Two of the NANDA diagnoses from either the lecture or Ackley book. Use it to write a complete, 3-part nursing diagnosis.

· Write a complete goal statement for this diagnosis.

· Write 2 “monitor” implementations, 2 “manage” implementations and 2 “teach” implementations for the goal.

· Make up an evaluation statement as if you knew how effective the nursing care was:

o Was the goal met, partially met or not met?

o What were the contributing factors?

o If the goal was “partially” or “not met”, tell how you could modify your plan.

NOTE: You need to turn in two complete NANDA’s.

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